1" single jacket Pocket tug toy.

Superb toss reward and this is why:

1” forestry FireHose Training Tug Toy  

Durable, Washing Machine Friendly, 

  Floats, convent rewarding system, washing machine friendly, durable 

The tug fits easily in your pant pocket, like BDUs or backpacks. (Balls are problematic getting out for an accurate toss reward with good timing) DogBoy pocket toys access easy, throw accurately and don’t bounce around. 

I encourage you to toss the reward with the dog recalling and playing tug with the handler  


DogBoy Warrantees customer satisfaction. These tugs are not indestructible. With enough time, effort of chewing the tug will revive damage  after each training inspect the tug for damage. trim Frey’s as they may appear. Wash in washing machine lit air dry  g

motion stops when  lands on “odor”, after an agility run...