Our Founder

John Thomas
CEO and Founder of Dog Boy

I was born in Ojai and grew up in San Gabriel California. I attended Don Bosco Technical Institute and worked as an aerospace research engineer in the 80’s and a firefighter for over 10 years.  I worked with a FEMA task force from 1991- 2001 as a collapsed structure rescue specialist serving the world trade center recovery site.

The World Trade center rescue campaign inspired me to go into Disaster Search dog work. After training with The National Disaster Search dog organization, I joined County Sheriffs Volunteer search dog teams, trained and certified several K9 detection dog teams for fifteen years, and became a certified independent dog instructor in 2014.

Throughout my years as a Canine Search Specialist, a common reward for search dogs involved tug-o-war of which we used firehoses. Firehoses was a natural choice as it was a reliable resource for firemen training dogs. During my transition, I made and distributed MANY tugs to MANY dogs through the years, so I came up with a line of durable dog training tugs made of Fire Hose and climbing rope based on the factors recognized in these processes and launch Dog Boys.