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DogBoy tug toys are designed and manufactured to provide positive reinforcement in shaping dog behavior.  Tug-o-war and fetch with a durable, machine washable reward that throws well and are simple for the dog and handler to use. DogBoy makes many varieties of tug toys, leashes and matts.

As a rule the dog picks the toy that will consistently motivate a desire to work. Dog training is helped by consistent communication and a well timed reward.

Durability, softness/mouthfeel, size,

DogBoy training aids are not “chew toys” for alone time chewing. Instead they are for supervised play/training. That said the tugs vary in durability to match the preferences of the dog. The needs of the handler to stow, deploy, recover, and wash are variables used to pick the right training aid. Your information helps DogBoy staff to make your customized tug reward.

Tug toy durability, handles, dimensions and buoyancy are controllable variables

DogBoy Tug Toys are firehose bodies for a dog to bite with handles to allow for tug-o-war and fetch